Tuesday, July 28, 2009


The race war have been won the black man is taking his rightful thorn as the king and master over the inferior white race, white men and women are been punished for the crimes of our race it is only a matter of time before the black man takes over you, your home, family and your life submit now before you are taken we all know the truth and it is brutal but necessary!


  1. as white married daddy and business exec I so need to learn what we must be doing to show proper respect and some daily effort toward restitution.

  2. would be delighted to be in service to black men . all whites should be kneeling and honoring black men with the full enjoyment of white mouths and tongue worshiping black cock! and ass and balls and pits and feet.

  3. I met John about 3 years ago shortly after he and his wife moved 2 doors down...We hit it off and became friendsHe was seven years my senior and was quick to